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High Converting Marketing Automation Strategies

Learn to use automation to skyrocket conversion and revenue.

colin macinnis

Colin MacInnis

Marketing Automation Advisor

My Backstory & Mission

A number of years ago, I started a technology business. Despite all my education and know-how, it failed.

This triggered a fire in me to find out how to start, scale, and grow multi-million dollar organizations.

My journey led me to work with founders around North America. I helped them start and grow their businesses; earning millions, being acquired, and even some being publicly traded.

My ambition led me to success.

I started this website to document my progress, but now it’s my business.

You won’t be disappointed with my recommendations for digital marketing.


Experience Higher Conversion

Leverage our practices to improve your campaigns, CRM maintenance, and lead nurturing.

Email Marketing

Deliver a winning email experience. Leverage data, tags, and automation to send relevant email throughout the customer journey. Unlike businesses that spam prospects, our methods are warm, natural, and welcomed by consumers.


Create an experience that drives conversion. Add value for your visitors while introducing new products, services, and upsells. Through email, webpages, and advertising, your lead machine will quickly become your revenue machine.

Analytics & Notifications

Automated processes means clean data. Instead of sifting through your analytics by hand, leverage AI to notify of ways to optimize your marketing operations. This means less guesswork and doing more of what works.

Get the perfect Marketing Automation plan for your business.

Fresh from the Blog

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Want to discuss your current conversion pathways?

Hop on a call with me to take a closer look at your marketing automation setup.

Hard Work, Great Results

Here are some testimonials from some of the amazing people we work with.

Colin MacInnis is a marketing leader with experience developing and implementing scalable sales and marketing campaigns. His tactical experience designing effective lead generation campaigns and processes is strengthened by his ability to analyze complex data to guide strategy. Colin’s work helps companies grow market share. The insights he delivers allow stakeholders to make informed strategic decisions that maximize ROI on marketing investments.

Laird Wilton

Chief Operations Officer, Securicy

I’ve worked with Colin to launch new products and services. He always brings a great level of energy to the team and helps others execute on their projects and tasks. Hard working, and a life-long learner, I’d recommend Colin for your marketing and sales operations.

Darren MacDonald

Regional Manager, Island Sandbox