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Marketing on a Budget
Top Proven Marketing Activities that Drive Sales

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How do you chose what marketing activities to run? Many small business owners have told us budget is their biggest obstacle when it comes to marketing their business. In response, our team created a list of top marketing activities that drive sales.

In this guide we identify what these marketing activities are, why they work, and how you should be using them.

Highlights of this Guide Include

  • The importance of brand awareness and how it plays into sales
  • The methodology of using multiple channels to drive leads
  • A practical perspective on the activities that actually drive interest and sales in your organization
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I created this resource for small business owners and managers. Marketing is a complex topic, but is easier when understanding just a few foundational principles. We cover those principles in this guide and provide examples of them in practice, and why they work.

colin macinnis

Colin MacInnis

Marketing Analyst


Colin MacInnis is a marketing leader with experience developing and implementing scalable sales and marketing campaigns. His tactical experience designing effective lead generation campaigns and processes is strengthened by his ability to analyze complex data to guide strategy. Colin’s work helps companies grow market share. The insights he delivers allow stakeholders to make informed strategic decisions that maximize ROI on marketing investments.

Laird Wilton

Chief Revenue Officer, Securicy