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Guides on Business, Marketing, & Strategy

Descriptive guides that provide strategic tips and techniques for scaling operations related to Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

Content & Data:
How to Analyze Content & Build a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Highlights Include

  • Understanding the strategic components of content marketing
  • Learning a data centric approach to identifying content your audience wants
  • How to properly assess a competitor’s content performance
  • How to map out a winning content strategy
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The Founder's Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies

The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies:
Building Competitive Strategies that Enable Revenue and Success

Guide Highlights Include

  • The importance of corporate vision and how it plays into their Go-to-Market Strategy
  • How to reshape your vision into increasing your total addressable market (TAM)
  • Tips and suggestions for marketing activities that will help small businesses reach their first million dollars in sales
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Marketing on a Budget:
Proven Marketing Activities that Drive Sales

Guide Highlights Include

  • The importance of brand awareness and how it plays into sales
  • The methodology of using multiple channels to drive leads
  • A practical perspective on the activities that actually drive interest and sales in your organization
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data traffic analytics ebook

Data, Traffic, and Analytics:
How to Conduct a Proper Web Traffic Analysis Using Google Analytics

Ebook Highlights Include

  • The methodology and intent of conducting a web traffic analysis
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to navigate Google Analytics and find meaningful data
  • A practical perspective on areas to improve web traffic and provide value for visitors
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