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Privacy Policy

The tools we use to collect data about you and how we leverage your data internally.

The Data We Collect & How We Use It

We Use Google Analytics to Track the Webpages People Visit

Google Analytics is an app connected to This app does not reveal your identity, but does track your session on our website. The purpose of the application is to tell us how many people viewed our blog posts, services page, and home page. Over time, these reports reveal trends amongst website users. We analyze those trends and leverage the data we gather to guide our business strategy.

We Use Mailchimp for Email Capture and Sending Email (Ebooks, Newsletters, etc)

Mailchimp is an app connected to This app allows our team to create electronic forms to embed on our website. These are typically used for opt-in forms such as accessing an ebook. When the form is submitted, a record is created in Mailchimp. This record reveals information about your name, email address, and webpage you submitted.

These form submissions trigger automated processes to send various types of email including ebook deliveries, ebook access reminders, and confirmation emails.

We go a step further with Mailchimp by creating lists to send emails to. An example of this functionality in action is when we create a Newsletter article. Once we finish the content, we locate the list of contacts to send it to and send it!

We Use Hubspot as Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

We use Hubspot as our CRM tool. Imagine it like a database where we collect and store data about our subscribers, leads, customers, and partners. Once someone submits a form on our website (via Mailchimp), Mailchimp updates Hubspot; creating a record in Hubspot.

Hubspot holds data in their database that include fields such as Country, State/Region, City, Date of Last Visit, etc. The internal function of Hubspot is used most often for Sales and Customer Success; showing us which visitors are likely to purchase products, or are experiencing problems with our products and services.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Facebook has a tool called Facebook Pixel Tracking. This is used for a type of advertising called “re-marketing”. Essentially, when you browse our website, a piece of code tracks the pages you visit. We use this information when configuring Facebook’s digital advertising platforms (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc.).

With the Facebook Pixel Tracking tool, we can run ads to people who have visited specific pages on our website; making our advertisements more relevant and cost-effective.

Have Questions About Your Data?

Feel free to contact us with regards to your personal data.

We believe in providing complete transparency to website visitors and community members. If you would like to obtain a copy of all the pieces of data we hold about you (if any at all), please contact us. A member of our team will happily get you everything we have on file about your record.