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The Operations Update Newsletter

Get the inside scoop on operations at MacInnis Consulting.

Welcome to the grind.

Before subscribing below, there are a few items I want to make sure we cover.

1. We share wins

We wanted to do something different with our newsletter, so we decided to share our wins. This includes announcements of new projects and initiatives, featured segments that highlight the cool people we work with, and new programs we’ve deployed to help founders get their products to market.

Our goal is to provide transparency to our members and to motivate you to push yourself beyond your limits. We promote positive and healthy lifestyles. You’re not alone in the hustle. Be smart and keep going!

2. This isn’t an automated newsletter

We don’t spam members. When these emails come, they’re manually crafted and distributed to only members of this list. There are no upsells. There are no promotions.

3. Meeting you would be awesome

We hope you decide to join our newsletter, but even more, we hope you participate. Our community consists of startup founders, CEOs, marketers, students and more. The thing that brings us all together is fulfillment in life and work. If you ever want to connect, your window of opportunity is here. We love making new friends.

Use our progress to fuel your motivation.

Featured Newsletter Items

Here are some of the topics included on our insider newsletter.


The announcement of new strategic partnerships.


New events and workshops being held in-person for different groups.


Significant milestones myself and team reach.


New initiatives, project, and programs.

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