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How to Stand Out with Email Marketing: Tips and Best Practices to Run Successful Email Marketing Operations

Written by Colin MacInnis. Published on July 10, 2018.

Introduction: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a difficult field. On one side of the coin, email marketing remains a very effective way for brands to introduce, upsell, and renew leads. On the other side, it has gained the poor reputation of being spammy. In this blog post, we’re going to identify new tips and the best practices that ensure your email marketing is successful.

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Organizing Your Email List

Effective email marketing begins with organizing your list. If you don’t have your house in order, your email performance will drop. Ideally, you will have your list broken into segments that identify the types of relationships you have with people. Through email segmentation, you can craft more personalized emails that are relevant to your contacts; increasing performance metrics like open rate and click rate.

Expectations with Segmented Lists

Most tools like Mailchimp and Hubspot give you the option to customize your contact data. Alternatively, you can configure your forms to classify and split people into different groups when they submit forms on your website. For example, when someone signs up for your newsletter, they become a “Subscriber”. When someone submits a sales form, they become a “Lead”.

It’s worthwhile noting here that becoming a Subscriber does NOT mean the contact is a Lead. It’s up to your marketing department to create compelling campaigns that graduate Subscribers into Leads.

Now that we’ve covered ways to segment your contacts, you’ll be able to create unique marketing campaigns for each group of people. For subscriptions, you can introduce subscription-types like “Blog” and “Newsletter”. As people sign up for these subscriptions, you append the subscription-type to their record.

Using Email to Assist Campaigns

For other industries such as SaaS companies and real estate rental properties, you may want to include some of these email subscription-types:

  • Product Updates
  • Investor Updates
  • Seasonal Readiness Updates
  • Webinar Notifications

In all, organizing your list will make a huge impact in your operations. Instead of email blasting your whole list, you begin providing specific and value-adding news and promotions to your contacts.

How to Email Your List Members

Congratulations! You’ve split your list of contacts into buckets and have come up with a new promotion you’d like to share with a specific group of your list. In order to launch an effective email promotion, you must write compelling copy that introduces, reminds, and encourages participation. You will see a very poor ROI on your email marketing if you send 1-off email blasts.


Email 1: Resource Introduction – Send to All Blog Subscribers

Hi {} – hope you’re well.

I’m reaching out to highlight a new resource our team has developed related to Digital Marketing. I see you’re already listed as a subscriber to our blog, so I thought this might be of interest to you. Here’s a link to the resource for your review:

[Guide] The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies

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Take care,



Email 2: Resource Reminder Email – Send to Non-Click Blog Subscribers

Hi {},

This is just a friendly reminder of the recent launch of our new resource: The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies. Again, we believe this might be of interest to you as a subscriber to our blog. Here’s the link again for your review:

[Guide] The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies

We hope you’re doing well and if you have any requests for resources or blogs, please let us know. We love hearing from our community.




Email 3: Testimonial Email – Send to Resource Viewers

Hi {}

Thanks for taking time to check out our resource The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies. We’re in the midst of collecting feedback from readers and thought you’d be a great fit.

If you wouldn’t mind passing along a few words about the guide, we’d really appreciate it. Full disclosure, we might use your testimonial on our social media profiles and advertisements.

Alternatively, if our guide really helped you, we’d love to do a case study reviewing your usage of the guide to accomplish goals related to go-to-market strategies.

Hope to hear from you soon,



Email 4:  Reminder Testimonial Email – Send to Resource Viewers

Hi {}

We’re wrapping up our testimonial requests for our guide on go-to-market strategies. We’ve had a lot of great reviews from our readers and were hoping to add yours.

If interested, just hit reply and share some thoughts on the guide. Here’s a copy to refresh your memory:

[Guide] The Founder’s Guide to Go-to-Market Strategies

If you’re not interested in this resource, we’re sorry for bothering you.




Be organized with contacts and send emails that are relevant to your contacts’ relationships to your organization. Standing out in today’s busy world is challenging. With effective writing, recovery emails, and promotions that highlight things your contacts truly care about, you can make a big difference in your email performance.

Implementing similar practices in your organization will yield increased open rates, click rates, engagement, and participation with your company.

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