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Creating a Community for Marketers & Business Owners

In Our Research, We Identified Problems

Through networks, CRM data, forum discussions, and interviews, we’ve identified 6 core challenges related to marketing and the community:

  1. Managers’ Ability to Generate Website Traffic
  2. Managers’ Ability to Acquire Leads
  3. Managers’ Ability to Recruit Talent
  4. Marketers Looking for Career Achievement & Community Participation
  5. Community Members Seeking Professional Development
  6. Community Members Seeking to Develop a Career in Marketing

From our findings, it appears that many people are struggling with some mix of these problems. We’ve identified that managers feel confused and unsure of what to do. As a result, they buy online courses, watch YouTube videos, and hire consultants to help solve their problems.

Next to that, research suggests businesses should be incorporating more social responsibility into their overall business strategies; helping them display transparency, their values, and kindness to those in need.

On another spectrum, research is showing Millennials are making upward comparisons on social media fueling feelings of being undervalued, depressed, and having social anxiety. These feelings are said to stack and lead to risks associated with job loss and drug addiction.

So while we can’t fix all the social problems in the world, we’re making our contribution with the introduction of our Slack community, Marketing Masterclass.

A Place to Learn, Be Challenged, Collaborate, and Grow

The Marketing Masterclass Community is our contribution to today’s marketing challenges.

We anticipate there will be 3 personas of participants:

  1. Young Aspiring Marketing Professionals (seeking career success, fulfillment, achievement, and participation in the community)
  2. Small Business Owners (seeking how-to advice, recruitment, and brand awareness)
  3. New Marketing Enthusiasts (seeking a career change, learning about marketing, etc.).

Young Aspiring Marketing Professionals. Marketing Masterclass a place where young marketers can congregate to share ideas, learn more about marketing, get access to speaking opportunities, workshops and more. We’ll also highlight some cool challenges and events to help hone your skills.

  • Access to Speaking Events
  • Facilitate Workshops
  • Build Your Authority as a Leader
  • Give Back to the Community
  • Improve Your Skills

Small Business Owners. For business owners, the Marketing Masterclass serves as a place to ask questions, connect one-on-one with marketing professionals, and to recruit new talent to their teams. We’ll also share the spotlight to your business, mission, and website.

  • Get Help from Marketing Professionals
  • Find Talent for Work Opportunities

Motivated Community Members. Lastly, for participants seeking some career guidance or looking to develop new in-demand skills, the Marketing Masterclass serves as a place for early career mentorship, professional development, and education.

  • Build Skills in Marketing
  • Find Career Opportunities
  • Connect and Support Likeminded Members

We’re helping existing marketers improve their skills, small businesses owners succeed, and giving community members the means to support themselves (becoming valued members of motivated teams).

With this being said, there are ways you can get more involved in our community. Just send us an email and we’ll let you know what roles are available!

A Community Built on Successful Best Practices

According to Fournier and Lee, authors of the Harvard Business Review, there are 3 forms of community affiliation: (1) Hubs, (2) Webs, and (3) Pools.

Hubs tend to be places where there is a strong connection to a particular person or brand. It’s because of that person/brand that the other members join. The issue is that the people within the community don’t really know each other.

Inevitably, new members of our community will think of our community as a Hub. The goal is to bridge the Hub feeling to Fournier and Lee’s second affiliation, a Web.

Webs are where members feel more connected to one another. They understand other members’ needs and are able to complement them in their search to solve problems.

Achieving a Web affiliation would be a good achievement. Marketers, managers, and community members would be able to define their problems, such as hiring and recruitment, and have access to people who can help them solve their issue.

With members continuing to find help and assistance with their problems, we hope to bridge the gap to the third (and final) tier of community affiliation, Pools.

Pools are communities where members “have strong associations with a shared activity or goal, or shared values” (Fournier & Lee, Getting Brand Communities Right).

With enough members seeing and experiencing the results of a truly collaborate community, we members can elevate to new heights where they build new interpersonal relationship, share goals, network, and succeed together.

Join the Marketing Masterclass

We are a community of innovative workers who solve real problems in the world. We are enabling tomorrow’s business leaders and help others achieve new heights for themselves, their community, and their businesses.

Become a member today!

Who’s Welcome to Join?

The Marketing Masterclass Community welcomes all members from all sectors of business. In particular, we welcome:

  • All people from all backgrounds seeking to develop their skills in business,
  • All people from all backgrounds looking to change careers and focus their work in business,
  • All people from all backgrounds striving to achieve career success independently and through collaboration with others,
  • All people from all backgrounds wanting to assist us to bridge the gap between business and community.
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
It’s 100% free. No registration fees, membership fees, etc.

How noisy is it?
It’s quiet. We’ve done our research of other communities and they seem to flood their channels with content. We’re not doing that. People come in, ask questions, share news/career pages, and connect privately.

Is it something I have to check day-in, day-out?
Nope. Join up, use it, ignore it. Whatever you wish. Our team is going to make sure the people who use it get the help/support they need. If you don’t want help/support, that’s fine. Maybe you can use it to help others get the support they need!

Can I share stuff? How often can I post?
Post as much as you like. It’s your reputation. If you spam it, it paints you with a bad brush. Feel free to share content, job postings, events, etc.

This being said, if you bulldoze other people and bring down the team energy, I’m the person who gets involved. I won’t remove you on a whim. I’d hope to chat first.

Who “owns” this community?
We like to think of the community as something our members own. It’s not about business strategy or branding. It’s that there’s a gap and someone should address it.

Plus it’s easier for us to spin up a community rather than other groups with boards, meetings, etc. Our goal is to make is awesome.

Special Thanks

Brian Best from Digicraft – Waterloo, Ontario.
Thank you for coming up with the name of the community!

Darren MacDonald from Island Discovery – Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Thank you for lending an ear to my ideas and giving me feedback and mentorship.

Anthony McQuaid from Securicy – Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Thank you for encouraging me to go further with this community initiative and to join as an active participant adding value to other members.

Darren Gallop & Laird Wilton from Securicy – Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Thank you for your support for projects at work and in my spare hours. Your workplace flexibility and healthy team culture helped strengthen my mindset to make this initiative possible.

Paige Westbury from Cape Breton University – Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Thank you for being an early advocate, supporter, and contributor to our small, but growing, community.

Holly Chisholm from Innovacorp – Sydney, Nova Scotia
Thank you for your advice and recommendations for ways I can experiment, test, and explore new projects with MacInnis Consulting.