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April 24, 2020
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May 5, 2020

Biking as an Alternative Exercise

Using the Outdoors to Adventure and Sweat

"Walking can be boring. Running can be hard. Biking can get me farther.”

Attempting to Stay Fit During COVID

I Facetimed a friend last week and asked how their isolation is going. "I'm gaining the COVID 19", they replied.

COVID is keeping us inside and a lot of people are snacking and drinking (including myself).

The first month of isolation was gross. I was drinking pop, eating brownies, and not moving my body. Plus, the scale in my bathroom died and frankly, I was too lazy to replace the battery.

On the 5th week, I checked my weight. I had gained 5lbs. I now weighed 245lbs (111kg).

My Mixed Home Workouts

As of this writing, my choice of exercise depends on the weather. If it's not too windy, I'll go for a run. If the wind is high but it's warm, a walk. If it's crappy outside, I do an exercise video on Beachbody OnDemand.

My preferred exercise is being outside, but I find it gets boring.

Walking and running the same loop gets old quick. I tried using podcasts to get my mind off the familiar sights, but it wasn't enough. Despite how far I walked, I felt like I didn't leave the block.

I decided to fix up my old bike.

A Refreshing First Run

Brakes, check. Chain, check. Seat height, check. Helmet, check.

I took my bike down the street for a test run. The wind in my face, my lungs FILLED with fresh cold air. The speed. It was excellent.

Returning home, I was tired. I filled my water bottle and hit the street.


Getting started is better than doing nothing! Exercise doesn't need to be P90X or a strict weight-training routine. The parts that are important are (1) your breathing, (2) your heart rate, and (3) how you FEEL after building up a sweat. Oh.. and I swear water is the best tasting thing after a good workout!

- Colin MacInnis