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May 10, 2020
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May 17, 2020

A Low-Impact Workout to Ease Back into Exercise

Tips to re-enter the atmosphere of health and fitness.

"COVID... please go away.”

I Don't Have Gym Equipment & I'm Gaining Too Much Weight!

You might've gained the COVID 19, but that doesn't mean you can't start back into exercise.

For me, the challenges are:

  • I'm 6'3" and 244lbs
  • I can't jump in my house (too big and the rooms literally shake)
  • I don't have gym equipment
  • The weather has been AWFUL. No biking. No running.

Because of this, I feel like a fat useless blob. YES, I'm exercising a little bit here and there, but my average step count is still only 700 steps...

At the onset of the quarantine, I thought I'd be taking a 3-week break from the gym, but here we are on week 8 or 9 of isolation.

This has gone on long enough.. it's time to take back my health.

My Last Visit to a Chiropractor was After a High Intensity Workout

Insanity, P90X, T20, Max30, etc, etc, etc. They're amazing programs and I love them. BUT...

"Where you work in a desk job and sit 8-10 hours a day, your ligaments relax. Then you go from that, to jumping and bouncing. It's two extremes and that's why your back is messed up right now".

This makes sense.

And all-the-while those people who are fit af say "nah, you just gotta go as hard as you can for as long as you can". I disagree and so do my joints, ligaments, and tummy!

Re-entering the fitness atmosphere shouldn't be an all-or-nothing heave. We should ease into it and gradually improve (such that we can take on more advanced programs).

A Retro Hawaii-Styled Workout (Low-Impact)

As a first step to resume fitness, I decided to try Beachbody OnDemand. I found a program called Ho'Ala ke Kino by a young Tony Horton (the guy from P90X) who did a 27-minute video that was focused on stretches, breathing, and form.

The video also had this whole Hawaian theme going on which I really enjoyed as I play the ukuelele and enjoy margaritas.

Overall I thought it was a pretty decent video and I do recommend it. I wasn't exhausted by the end. It got my heart pumping. I had a very light sweat going. Plus, I feel good!

Upward and Onward. Let's Get Started.

I'm pretty pleased with my body, but of course I see room for improvement.

The Colin of 2012 didn't eat bacon, didn't drink beer, and had A LOT of free time.

The Colin of 2020 lives a little bit differently. He works and spends a lot of time sitting. When he has time, he exercises and does things like bike, hike, ski, and surf. But this variation of Colin also enjoys butter chicken from Mians.

But look, let's aim for improvement TOGETHER. If you're just joining back into fitness, or want someone to join along with for the ride, let me know!

And this isn't about being in athletic shape. I just want to FEEL healthy, attractive, and comfortable with my own appearance (without sacrificing beers at Ski Ben Eoin with my buddy Darren).


That old guy you see stretching at the gym... that's my goal. If I can move, stretch, and stay active at 70-years old, I'd be happy with that. This means my focus is on breathing and heart rate.

- C. MacInnis